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The College Essay Workshop

Guidance from an award-winning published author to help you craft a one-in-eight-billion essay that sets you apart.  

College Campus

Find Your Story

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Generate ideas and define an authentic story, idea, value, or experience that most distinctly offers a glimpse of you, the unique person behind the application and test scores. 

Write with Confidence

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Create a roadmap for your essay, so you have a clear sense of direction to begin your first draft.

Revise and Polish

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Receive actionable advice from first draft to last draft, using TheCollegeEssayWorkshop's customized macro to micro editing checklist. Get the help you need to shape your essay’s narrative arc, deepen reflections, crystalize transformative moments, strengthen your voice, polish your prose, and create a  stellar opening and closer. 

Alumns of TheCollegeEssayWorkshop have gained admission to schools such as the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Georgetown, Northeastern, Pittsburgh Dental, Parsons School of Design, The University of Florida Honors, Syracuse, and more.  

All the help you need from TheCollegeEssayWorkshop


Completing TheCollegeEssayWorkshop will take the mystery out of writing a personal statement. 

“Heather, I finally read my son's essay last night... my husband read it too.. we loved it!...The way he could speak about his story and bring all the pieces of him into it... I really think it's an incredible essay...We cannot thank you enough for your guidance."

Heidi Como, parent

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