What to Expect

What makes a college essay successful? What should I write about? How can I make myself stand out from a sea of applicants? TheCollegeEssayWorkshop will help answer those questions and guide you to write a winning college essay.

The Schedule

We will meet virtually during your scheduled sessions, each lasting from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The conference calls can be spaced over a few days, or they can be spaced over three weeks, depending on the pace in which you’d like to work.

The Plan

In the first of these sessions, we will have an inspirational and generative discussion. We will view the current college essay prompts and talk about how to write a great college essay. I will help you mine your life for stories, accomplishments, challenges, values, passions, and experiences to help you find your best material. I will also help you create an outline that includes essay beats and key narrative movements. You will leave the session with a clear direction for your first draft.

Our remaining sessions will shift to editorial as we view your draft(s) together. I will guide you to shape and improve your narrative and ideas, deepen your reflections, draw out your epiphanies, strengthen your voice, and polish your prose. Please note: I will not write your essay for you, but will inspire and guide you to craft the essay only you, a one-in-seven-billion person, can write.